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Specializing in Grid Connect, Solar Hybrid, Standalone Systems and Emerging Technologies.

Benefits of Solar PV

  Data taken from a 5kW Split System.
10 x 250watt panels east, 10 x 250watt panels west.
Standard roof pitch of 22degrees in Brisbane.

Innolec Solar Power Graph 8.0

Approximate current price $8,000.00

Above data taken 18/09/2014 5kW. The total production for the day was 23.684kWs. From 7.05am until 4.10pm the system was producing more than 1.2kWs, a total of 9.05kWhs and 10.86kWs. Imagine if this amount of power (less than half the total for the day.) was to be consumed by a house, every day for a year 10.86kWs x 365 = 3963.9kW per annum. If the calculations were based on 15years as a worse case scenario (most panels are warrantied for 25years) =59458.5kWs. Each kW consumed cost the home owner $0.1345cents.

Current AGL rate = $0.30228 inc. gst. Saving the home owner $0.16778 per kW. At the rate calculated power that is used by the home rather than power from the grid is approximately 55.51% cheaper than power from the Grid. The annual saving $665.06 and unlike power from the grid it won’t continue to rise.

The remaining 12.824kW is sold back to the grid at an average rate of $0.07cents (this will vary with location always check with your retailer.

AGL $0.08c & Origin $0.06c) = $0.8977 x 365days = $326.529.

Approximate annual savings $991.589

We strongly believe a Solar PV System is worth investing in.