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  Solar & Renewable Energy Specialists.  
Specializing in Grid Connect, Solar Hybrid, Standalone Systems and Emerging Technologies.


  At Innolec our aim is to find the best possible renewable energy solution for your personal requirements. Whether you are looking for a Grid Connect PV System for your home, or business, a Solar Hybrid System, a remote Standalone System. We also service and upgrade existing systems.

Grid Connect System.
A grid connect system is simply made up of Solar panels which produce DC electricity.
The Electricity travels to an Inverter, which is mounted as close to your meter box as possible.
The Inverter Converts the DC power to AC power.
The power then travels to your meters, which then distributes the power throughout as it is being produced.
Remaining unused power will typically go out to the grid.
In most cases retailers will pay you for the surplus, (check with your retailer or network provider)

Solar Hybrid System.
A Solar Hybrid System has the benefits and components of a grid connect system, but also incorporating the added benefits of batteries, a generator and in some cases a wind turbine.
A Solar Hybrid System has all the benefits of a Grid Connect System with the surplus power produced during the day going into the batteries which can be drawn from at night or in the event of a black out.
The generator provides an additional power source that can top up the batteries as well as power to the premise during the combination of long periods of grid failure and extreme cloudy weather where the panels do not produce enough electricity to keep the batteries at a topped to up to a safe level.

Standalone System.
A Standalone System is required in areas where there is no access to the Electricity Grid or where the cost of connecting the premise to the grid is too difficult or too cost prohibitive.
Consist of components as per a Hybrid System without added security of the grid.
The correct sizing of a Standalone System is extremely crucial when sizing the System.