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Micro Inverter System

  The Micro Inverters are mounted to the underside of the panel.
Fitted 1 per panel or sometimes 1 between 2 panels. There are numerous benefits to installing Micro Inverters instead of the conventional String Inverters. The panels DC cable plugs directly into the Micro Inverter, which converts the power to AC.
The power travels directly to the meter box instead of an Inverter that is mounted on a wall. DC cables are more expensive than AC cables. In the last few years most house fires in Australia that have a Solar PV System most cases the cause of the fire has been faulty DC Isolators, (read page B4 U BUY!) which are fitted either on the roof next to the panels or on a wall next to the Inverter. Solar PV Systems fitted with Micro Inverters do not require DC Isolators.

Another advantage Micro Inverters have over the conventional String Inverters, the panels are not limited to 2 roof inclinations or orientations as each panel works independently from the others they do not impact each other’s performance, the same way that a String Inverter would. With a conventional String Inverter, typically the panel with the lowest power output will drag the other panels that it is connected to its power output level. This greatly reduces the systems performance of the System.  

Any shade on panels will affect the performance and output of the system and in severe cases can result in complete shutdown of the System.

(Example below)
Innolec Solar Power 1.0

A standard feature of the Enphase Micro Inverter System is free web based monitoring. Web based monitoring gives the owner complete peace of mind and security in the performance of the System and the added benefit it provides cannot be spoken enough about. There is nothing more frustrating for the owner when a System has failed to try to receive adequate compensation from their supplier when their System fail and they cannot determine exactly when failure occurred. The owner will receive automatic emails of events that effect the performance of the System, which then can be used to achieve adequate compensation. Estimates state that a Micro Inverter System will yield between 5-10% more power than a Standard String Inverter system. These figures increase dramatically where there is permeant shading to 1 or more panels.