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  Solar & Renewable Energy Specialists.  
Specializing in Grid Connect, Solar Hybrid, Standalone Systems and Emerging Technologies.

Success Stories

  East Brisbane Dual occupancy home.
2 Adults live upstairs and 2 Adult tenants live down stairs.

They purchased 22 x 250 watt Trina panels 5.5kW System with a 5kW  Power-One Inverter.

Data taken 08/10/2014

Total out of pocket cost $8,500.00.

The System was installed on 22/05/2014 and has produced 3604kWs. 

Total of 138 days.
558kWs have been exported back to the grid and they are paid $0.06cents = $33.48. 3046kWs have been offset by the home.

The offset has saved the homeowners $894.61 + $33.48 = $928.09

138 days = $6.725 per day. Approximate annual savings of $2,454.62

This System will pay itself off in less than 3years.
ROI of 28.90% That is much better than any return from a bank of building society.